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The tight coner

In a tight corner, in other words one that requires heavy braking and a long turn, it may be useful to induce a slight oversteer in order to position the kart in the curve while turning less, and so save time. There are two ways of achieving this.

The first is a technique known as the pendulum effect. This is caused by an abrupt transfer of weight. To achieve this, before coming into the turn, you should turn the wheel sharply in the direction of the curve. Note, it may be useful or even necessary to apply a little opposite lock or counter steering.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the fact that the braking distribution is 100% on the rear wheels. This means that if you brake sharply it will have the same effect as the handbrake on a car: if this is combined with a little steering the kart will turn immediately.
Again, it is necessary to be competent in the use of opposite lock. Be careful though, because while sliding, the kartís motor is losing a lot of revs/min. Save this technique for slippier tracks. Also make sure you turn before braking (about 1/4 turn of the steering wheel).

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