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Overtaking is the key to good kart racing. However, it is one of the hardest things to learn because there is no magic technique. Overtaking is improvised, it is “felt”. Also, if you are only lapping about ˝ second faster than the driver in front of you, it will be very difficult to overtake (unless they make a mistake, in which case you have to seize the opportunity immediately). But don’t worry, there are a couple of techniques to help you in this difficult situation.

The first is to let the driver in front gain a few yards when approaching a corner that opens into a straight, and as you are supposedly better, you can now negotiate the turn more quickly without being blocked. This means you then have a better exit speed and you can comfortably pass your opponent in a straight line. Stay in the slipstream of their kart for as long as possible which will allow you to benefit from the “hole in the air” and win you a few extra mph.

The second technique can help you pass your opponent under braking. If during a short or long straight you realize that you can’t overtake before the turn, try this (example using a right turn). When your opponent brakes, put yourself slightly to their right and brake a little later, the front of your kart will now be level with that of the other driver who will be forced to take a longer line. Being on the inside you will be better positioned and you can accelerate before your competitor! But be aware of two things: make sure that the other driver has seen you and will not be surprised by the appearance of your kart; if there is a collision, you will be held responsible and could be disqualified from the race.

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