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The flags

Here you can find some flags used during a karting race. Others exist, but they are quite rare.

Sometimes, the national flag is used to signify the start of the race.


The yellow flag informs you that there is a danger on the track. For example, it can be an accident or a broken down car. You have to slow down, otherwise you might be penalized.


The red flag informs that the race is stopped, because of a serious incident (crash, hazardous weather, ). You have to come back to pits, slowly.


After a yellow flag, the green flag is used to inform drivers that the track is clear. You can accelerate !


During a race, when a leader is about to overtake a backmarker, the blue flag is shown. The backmarker has to help the leader to overtake him, by leaving his racing line.


The black flag is quite rare. If it is shown to you, this means that you made a serious mistake. You are excluded from the race, and you have to come back to pits. The race is ended.


The red-striped yellow flag informs drivers that the track can be slippery. For example if a car lost oil or fuel, or if the rain is falling down on a single turn. You have to be careful !


The checkered flag is shown at the end of the race, to each driver who crosses the finish line. After this flag, you have to slow down, finish your lap, and come back to pits.


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