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Looking for sponsors

If there is a common problem in motorsports, it is the cost! Participating in them is often very expensive. In karting in particular, you have to pay licenses, race registrations, accommodation costs, competition fuel, maintenance of parts, repair, and of course the cost of the kart.

It can therefore be very useful, even vital, to have the assistance of sponsors. Depending on the contract, they can provide you with free parts and supplies, or simply a budget. Sponsorship contracts are difficult to get in karting, so it is necessary to follow a rigorous procedure and keep a clear and professional sponsorship dossier.

You need to start by defining what you can bring to the sponsors. To do this set up a sponsorship dossier through which you will present your project: your race program, your budget, the budget required, the available advertising space (a small diagram showing your kart would be a good idea). In general, it should include the answers to all the questions your prospective sponsors may have.

Note, it is imperative that the presentation and spelling are impeccable. Now you can start the search. Depending on the size of your project, identify companies likely to be interested in collaboration. New businesses are an ideal "target" as they are often looking for an image. The kart can provide that important image. Once you have decided which companies to target, send them a letter briefly explaining the project and offer to send them a complete dossier.

If you receive an encouraging answer, it is important to send a complete dossier promptly. It is strongly advised that you hand deliver it after making an appointment. Do not forget to set out all the details, such as defining who provides stickers, how many races are included in the contract, etc...

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