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The trail braking

The trail braking technique is difficult to master, but it can help reduce your time significantly. When should it be used and why? When cornering, preferably not in the fastest curves, using this technique makes it easier to position the kart in the corner. This technique requires a mix of braking, drifting and steering. How is it done? Unfortunately there is no magic formula, but you can try using this method

Turn slightly in the direction of the turn in order to create a pendulum effect

Brake hard causing the kart to slide

Control the slide and combine it with a good dose of brakes just within the limit of locking up.

When the kart has slowed sufficiently, take off the opposite lock to dive towards the apex of the turn. When using trail braking, it is advisable to lean heavily on the outside of the seat. This will prevent the kart from jumping or "bombing", which is painful for both the driver and the mechanics.

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